Ok, I just launched my redesigned website, now what?

I am letting out a big sigh of relief because I have finally updated my website to be modern and will allow me to regularly update it. Now comes the fun part – applying to freelance gigs!

The company I contract with as a freelancer allows me to view current web developer jobs not just in my area, but everywhere in the world. In addition, I can apply several filters, such as time commitment, experience required, etc. All of this sounds great; however, it can be a double-edged sword. Sure, you can view multiple jobs through the site and send your proposals, but you’re not the only one looking for work.

It doesn’t take long to see multiple jobs that have already received over fifty proposals (that’s the max number displayed, so if it says “50+”, who knows how many that client has received??). Not only that, but other jobs require that you have a large skillset or experience prior to submitting a proposal. Now, to be clear, I’m not critiquing my company for having a serious case of Imposter Syndrome; rather, I will need to create a strategy that will connect me with the right jobs.

So what strategy should I implement?

That’s a really good question; so good that I won’t tell you! If I know that it works for me down the road, then I don’t want to give away my secret! Nevertheless, I will keep you all updated on my job prospects and exciting news soon!

Let’s Work Together


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